Workshop: Willall Racing Phase 1.5 Upgrade On CLA A45 AMG

/Workshop: Willall Racing Phase 1.5 Upgrade On CLA A45 AMG

Willall Racing are an Australian company based out of Adelaide that have made a name for themselves among Nissan fans, doing awesome things with GT-R’s since their inception. Turning their attention to the euro market, they’ve been busy doing plenty of R&D on their Phase 1 and Phase 1.5 upgrade kits for AMG owners.

The results speak for themselves, on the dyno, and on the track.  Willall’s Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG Phase 1.5 upgrade kit promises owners an extra 70 kw and 160 nm of torque, the option to run E85 or normal petrol, and an 11 second quarter mile (if your reaction is good enough). All this is delivered through nothing but sophisticated software upgrades and a minor air intake upgrade that come as a result of much R&D on Willall’s end. A Willall Racing equipped A45 AMG recently set the world record for the fastest A45 AMG quarter mile pass, using the world first switchable map technology found in Willall’s Phase 1.5 system.

Here’s all that comes in the box:

Willall Racing 4515IS Inlet System – Air filter and adaptor
Phase 1.5 ECU system with harnesses
Tune control module with 5 selectable modes

The tune control module is mounted inside the vehicle and allows the driver to change the nature of their beast at the push of a button. Drivers can instantly switch between 98 octane and E85, along with a stock style, low octane, and valet engine mode, allowing for unprecedented versatility and control over the vehicle.

On 98 octane fuel, drivers can expect close to 250 awkw, and exceed 260 awkw when using Caltex’s Eflex fuel.

The first step for Mick is to upgrade the standard air filter to Willall’s 4515IS Inlet System. It bolts on nicely and doesn’t require any modification of the standard factory fitting. This install eliminates the factory inlet restrictor and more notably, delivers a subtly enhanced, performance orientated induction and deceleration engine note.

The harnesses are accessed easily in the engine bay. Here Mick is starting to detach the OEM harness, and prepare for Willall’s plug in system. Again, no modifications are required to make this kit fit, and if removal was ever required, it can be done so without leaving a trace.

All finished! The only hint is the tune control module. Fitting discreetly in the glove box, the tune control module allows the driver to change the tune, and nature of their car, in one simple button. It’s unobtrusive, and tasteful, and doesn’t interfere with the impeccable interior that graces these vehicles.

More details on Willall Racing’s Phase 1 and Phase 1.5 systems is available here:

The install is simple and quick procedure, and can be done in V-Sport’s performance workshop while you wait. To find out about V-Sport’s workshop, our services, or to enquire about unlocking the power in your AMG, please contact us today on 02 8579 8644.

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