V-Sport A45 Fastest In Hot Tuner Challenge History

/V-Sport A45 Fastest In Hot Tuner Challenge History

Despite spending the lowest modification costs in the Hot Tuner field, V-Sport’s A45 AMG finished 1st in Shortest Stopping Distance and an overall 2nd place. The team at V-Sport proves you don’t need to spend big dollars to significantly improve your car’s performance.

We talk with V-Sport’s Hot Tuner Challenge Veteran John Healey.


What was your strategy with the A45 AMG?

We were confident in the standard A45’s overall performance, and wanted to prove that with some simple and effective modifications we can make a huge performance difference to any street car. We are very happy with what we have achieved at the Hot Tuner Challenge.


What did you do to get such an impressive braking distance of 33.85m from 100-0km/h?

The A45 comes with a competent 4 piston calliper as standard, so it was a simple change of Brake Pads and upgrading the Brake Fluids to get it ready for the Hot Tuner Challenge.


We chose the Endless CCRg brake pads because it is one of the most versatile track compound on the market. It offers strong initial bite, excellent pedal feel, modulation and consistency even in temperatures over 800 deg C. Pad life is also great with low rotor wear.

We opted for the Endless RF-650, it is the same Brake Fluid that is used in Formula 1 and the WRC. It works as well in a street car as it does in a F1 car. It stays stable and precise regardless of the temperature.


When it comes to Braking it’s important to choose the right Brake Pads for the situation and one that will complement the Braking system. Brake fluid is also something many overlooks when competing. High quality fluids that are fresh will improve braking consistency on and off the track.


Other than brakes, what else was done to the car?

We installed the Willall Racing Phase 2 kit for the A45 AMG – including ECU upgrade, upgraded intake system and intercooler. We also adjusted the suspension setup by our in house technicians.


Tell us more about the Willall kits, why did you choose it?

The Willall ECU mod is designed to be a complete daily driven performance upgrade that unlocks the A45/CLA performance potential without sacrificing durability or driveability. It can be easily installed and removed by a professional without any trace of modification. The Willall kit is not only Australian made and developed but it is also one of the best tuning kits available for Mercedes Benz.


The Willall kits have the following advantages over competitors
– Local support from Willall Racing technicians
– Software can be upgraded and altered locally
– Greater number of parameters can be adjusted and tailored than other systems
– Greater power and torque gains than other products


Everything we did to the car was done in house in our Arndell Park location. If you are looking to improve your car’s performance check us out online or give us a call 02 9679 8644

For more details on the mods and the car click  here

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