Todd’s Toys #2: UK Pro HangAir

/Todd’s Toys #2: UK Pro HangAir

We received our first shipment of UK Pro’s HangAir‘s yesterday, and what a fuss they caused!

Here’s how it went down… A mysterious palette with new products arrived in the warehouse. Our staff are used to seeing GoPro and Brembo and so on, but they hadn’t heard of HangAir before, nor did they have any idea where to put it. News quickly spread, and in no time we were down there with the camera, and Todd, who was ready to give his expert opinion.

Todd is the man of the house when it comes to V-Sport’s workshop, and somewhat of an authority on everything to do with racing and race cars. His opinion should be taken as gospel.

Here’s the UK Pro HangAir from the outside. Fairly self-explanatory…

Upon opening the box, this is the first thing you see. The handle, top of the HangAir, instructions and power pack (in the white box).

Remove the top layer to discover the mighty drying machine! Admittedly, it was bigger than we expected, but as you’ll see later on, this is actually an advantage.

UK Pro HangAir assembled in all it’s glory, waiting for it’s grand debut.

Curious eyes in the office soon caught sight of the HangAir in our meeting room.  Here, Mick and Todd engage in serious discussion about the new object…

Now to business.. Let’s test this baby! Excuse us Garth, we’ll be borrowing your suit for this.

As you can see, the wide design keeps the suit inflated. Plugged in, there’s a small fan noise, but nothing intrusive. Holding our hands at the end of the sleeves, we could feel the air coming through the suit. Soon enough, it was inflated like the Michelin Man. First impression: Impressed! 

More curiosity was sparked once it was discretely turned on and left in the corner…  Gary and Lauren were quite intrigued.

In summary, here’s what Todd likes about the UK Pro HangAir:

1. Stops suit smells!
2. Sturdy construction and high quality plastic means it can hold a lot of weight and take a few beatings
3. Easy to assemble
4. Power cord is really long, but not thick
5. Fan noise is minimal
6.  When you’re not racing, you can use HangAir to dry wetsuits, and ski gear too.

It’s not uncommon for temperatures to exceed 50 degrees in a race car, and sweat is an inevitable component. The UK Pro HangAir can dry your suit between sessions, avoid mould, and odours that come with suits remaining wet for some time. 

Available in our online store now, along with more detailed specs. Check it out here:


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