Todd’s Toys #1: Longacre Wireless Computer Scales

/Todd’s Toys #1: Longacre Wireless Computer Scales

Welcome to the first edition of Todd’s Toys!

We’ll be catching up with Todd on a regular basis for his latest tips, tricks and tools of the trade. Todd heads up V-Sport Sydney’s workshop, and lives and breathes everything cars, technology and gadgets. He’s often found lurking through product brochures, hunting for up-to-the-minute goodies and anything fancy to show off in the workshop… 

This week Todd unboxed his latest toy, the Longacre Wireless Computer Scales.
What Todd likes:

–          It’s portable and quick to set-up
–          Scales and the reader talk to each other straight away, and there’s no complicated sync process like some wireless devices
–          There’s no cables, which eliminates the chance of tripping over cords when moving around the car
–          Gives the information on a clear, simple display unit
–          Battery lasts a long time – one year without recharging!

The Longacre Wireless Computer Scales have passed Todd’s scrupulous tests, which means we’ll be stocking these in our online store shortly. We’ll let you know when they’re in!

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