Timmy 86 // Start Your Engine…

/Timmy 86 // Start Your Engine…

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Last update we left you with TIMMY86 looking the part, but still very much amidst the modifications required to work with our new Nissan V8 engine – compare below.

Last Update – Engine Mounts & Header Fabrication in Progress

June 2017 – Goodridge lines ready to swage, and starter motor, intakes, and radiator are in place.

Moving on a few weeks and the engine bay is painted to mark the end of modifications, and the exhaust headers have been welded, ceramic-coated and finished with an oval 2-into-1 exhaust system that exits where the FA-20 exhaust did. The wiring is completed; allowing the engine, ECU and network of sensors to communicate and log info that will help us develop engine performance when we start testing. The Goodridge ‘G-Line’ hoses for oil, water, and fuel have been swaged, and we’re ready to push the button.

Which brings us to now, the moment of truth! Watch below to see and hear the first starting of TIMMY86 with his new VK56DE, and see the unique parts that have gone into this build.

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