Timmy 86 // A New Heart for Timmy

/Timmy 86 // A New Heart for Timmy

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The scene is set: It’s October 2015, and Timmy the 86 has attained competition-ready build status – after some testing and without final aero and graphics, the car would be driven to 12th place at World Time Attack Challenge in Open Class by V-Sport’s Nicholas Bates with a flying lap time of 1:34.548. Fast forward one year, and the car is dormant on our Trade Stand at the 2016 event — but why?

V-Sport’s Trader Stand & GoPro Activation at the 2016 World Time Attack Challenge

There are several reasons we decided to sit out of competition in 2016; from ongoing development of the FA-20 engine and results from testing that indicated we had hit the limits, to preoccupation with customer-competitor cars in Open Class and sponsorship responsibilities of the V-Sport Clubsprint Class. In short, World Time Attack Challenge is a staple event on the V-Sport Calendar, one where we are a competitor, trader and sponsor all at once – we don’t like to do things by halves, and so we looked to 2017 as our next competitive year at WTAC. Our decision not to race in 2016 allowed us to focus more closely on the G.A.S. EVO 9, which proceeded to win the 2016 Open Class competition with Nathan Morcom at the wheel in a time of 1:29.295 (video here).

The world of motorsports is fast-paced, and development waits for no one as is clear from comparing the fastest WTAC results year-over-year. It’s with this in mind that we plan for the future. Now May 2017, and we are amidst the most significant change in Timmy’s design since the first ‘completion’ in early 2015 – an engine swap that saw our turbocharged FA-20 engine removed to make room for Nissan’s VK56DE; a 5.6L V8 engine that revs to 9000 RPM and produces up to 800hp. Choosing a new powerhouse for Timmy was not a decision to be taken lightly, and this is the direction we’ve taken based on our experience building race cars, and the support networks available to us with this engine – it was not an easy choice to take out the FA-20, in fact we believe Timmy still holds the title of ‘World’s Fastest FA20’. We hope that this latest step in our WTAC career will continue the legacy, and continue showing what we can achieve with goal-driven customers and the quality products and brands we work with.

Sizing up the new engine – we’re gonna need to make some adjustments!

Installing the VK56 has required some fabrication work, which includes integrated strut-bracing, mounts to suit the new engine and custom fabricated headers to fit the ZN6 chassis. We are currently having a custom bell-housing adapter made to suit the Samsonas Sequential Gearbox, and will need to modify the intake system to fit [mostly] beneath Timmy’s bonnet. Of course the list does not end there!

Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to starting Timmy’s new engine, and finally some on-track testing!

New headers mocked up and ready to be finished!

#WeldPorn, and this is just tacked up.

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