Team ENDLESS Races In WTAC 2015

/Team ENDLESS Races In WTAC 2015

Our good friends at Endless wrote the following article about their WTAC experience.

ENDESS has made its first attempt at the World Time Attack Challenge ( ), which has gained popularity and featured challengers from Japan in recent years.

The car we used was the RX7(FD3S), the same car which we used at the same event last year participating privately. It is the private car of an ENDLESS employee, but this time we have rebuilt it as an official ENDLESS car, with its maintenance being directly performed by the racing garage which handles Super Taikyu races.

The car was rebuilt from the frame with various updates to its engine, aero parts, etc., and painted “ENDLESS Blue”, the official image color of ENDLESS, to make it the machine of Team ENDLESS.

Just before packing September’s containers, we conducted the set up at the Fuji Speedway and it was then sent to Australia along with spare parts.

It was changed to the latest ECU after racing, although this would become a problem in the future.

October 14

In the morning we met with John and Chris from V-Sport, which is working with us as our official dealer in Australia, at the Sydney International Airport before going to Sydney Motorsports Park in Eastern Creek where the WTAC is held. We went straight to the pit to work on setting up the race cars and pit area.

In the afternoon we drove it to set up, but after a pit stop after 1 lap we were visited by a problem which prevented us from restarting.

We suspected the ECU which had been changed, but were forced to go on to face the practice race the following day without knowing the definite cause.

October 15

Because it ran fine when the engine was cooled, we suspected percolation along with the ECU, but we were still unable to resolve it. In any case we drove a few laps for the set up.

Then the driver made a pit stop, having heard an abnormal engine sound. The inside of the engine appeared to have been damaged.

The engine we had brought as a spare was still simply in the form of its main body and we still had to install all the auxiliary equipment.

The mechanic worked all night to replace the engine and break it in.

October 16

Although we faced the first attack day without having been able to sufficiently set up, there were great crowds of spectators and many exhibition booths in the paddock area this day as well, making for an exciting atmosphere.

One of these was the booth of V-Sport, which is supporting us in our participation in the WTAC.

The 3 cars they had on display all had ENDLESS’s brakes installed, and they were exhibiting callipers, discs, pads, fluids, etc.

Although they are not very well known, V-Sport has a permanent show room installed within this circuit and they support many drivers from amateurs to pro drivers of Australian top class race V8 supercars.

Things did not go our way on this day’s race either. The water temperature rose and we were unable to time attack.

After trying a few countermeasures, we decided to finish up for this day in order to focus on the final day.

However, the US tuning magazine Super Street was covering us and we had to continue to move the car about until the evening for photo shooting.

It was impressive how different the machine looked when photoed under the lights compared to in the daytime.

October 17

On the 2nd attack day there were even larger crowds, because it was Saturday.

Pit work was conducted the same as the first day, but now the pit lane was so crowded that it was impossible to walk in it. ENDESS’s machine (FD3S) and its driver were photoed by many people.

The time attack finally starts

We were able to curb the water temperature, but unable to cope with the engine which still wouldn’t open all the way when the gas pedal was pressed.

We got a good time considering our low straight speed, and we know that the cornering speed improved due to body work. In order to appear in the Shoot Out (an attack by each car separately) at the end of the event we needed to have a 5th place class time, and with our second attack time of 1 minute and 32 seconds as our best time we only ranked 6th place Pro-AM class, meaning we couldn’t advance to the Shoot Out.

And so our attempt at the 2015 WTAC ended with both the engine and team unable to achieve perfect combustion.

With so many new experiences such as the climate differences which had more of an effect on the engine performance than we had anticipated and setting up on a circuit with which we had almost no driving experience we were unable to achieve satisfactory time attack results, but we intend to use this as a basis for further attempts.
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