Seeing Double: Evo-Twins Project

/Seeing Double: Evo-Twins Project

The V-Sport workshop received a unique request from a customer late last year.  Take two standard Evo 8’s, and build them for the track on one condition – they must be completely identical, from turbos down to timing belts.

Bob was quickly on the case, and soon enough a drool worthy list of parts was assembled, including turbos, exhaust, cams, roll cage, brakes, suspension – two of each, of course. 

These cars are receiving the works and we’ve been taking progress shots throughout the build. Check out the gallery below!

Here’s E1 (Whitey) and E2 (Bluey) hanging out with our GoPro Evo X, before all the serious work commences.

The first delivery of parts spread a smile across all faces in the workshop, mostly because it looked like this.

Looking a little more closely, here we see E1 and E2’s HKS valve springs, HKS cam shafts, Tomei adjustable cam gears, and Kiggly Racing HLA pressure regulators.

Moving along the goodies pile, we find Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors designed for the fast juice, aka E85. There’s also Turbosmart fuel pressure regulators, ARP custom age 625+ head studs, HKS timing belts, and SME exhaust manifolds and heat shields.  

The component everyone loves to look at the most –  Evo IX turbo with Blouch 3-port boost control solenoid. 

The first step was to install the cage. Here we have the Bond Roll Bars and 6-point cage being measured up in E1.

Then of course, it was E2’s turn. Hard to spot the difference!

Again, the Evo IX turbo, Turbosmart actuator and SME exhaust manifold waiting for it’s new home. Very nice to look at!

E1 and E2 will be used on the street, as well as the track. They’ve received a set of DBA 4000 series rotors, which will cater to both needs.

Upgrading the standard rubber brake lines, we’ve gone for a set of Goodridge braided brake lines – the only braided lines we recommend.

Of course, with all the upgrades, a new exhaust was on the cards. The twins are being treated to an Invidia turbo back stainless exhaust system with titanium tip.

If only all exhausts stayed this shiny…

Mick finished installing the new brake pads, discs and Goodridge brake lines today. E1 is almost ready for a tune. 

We’ll bring more updates as they happen! 

UPDATE: 19th January

E2 received his new Inividia exhaust shortly after E2.

Matching tips…

Here we see the Tomei adjustable cam gears with HKS timing belt.

A rare view courtesy of the hoist shows the upgraded Evo IX turbo, SME manifold and Turbosmart actuator.

We also fitted a Blouch 3-port boost solenoid.

… and a Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator.

The SME manifold and Invidia dump pipe.

Custom in house built oil catch can.

Plazmanan Intercooler pipe kit.

Injector Dynamics 1300cc injectors.

Ohlins coil overs.

Removing the backing plate helps increase airflow around the brakes, for better heat dissipation. To compensate, ABS lines are wrapped in Goodrige heat sleeve and lock wire.

As the car sits lower with the Ohlins coil over suspension, the upgrade was teamed with Whiteline’s Roll Centre Correction Kit, which contains a slighlty longer ball joint and tie rod.

Of course, the standard brake lines are upgraded to Goodridge braided lines.

Mick perfects the alignment to ensure the cars are steering perfectly for their first outing later this week.

The all important moment of truth – DYNO!

A few minor modifications remain, such as installing the Velo seat, and Sabelt harnesses

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