RinseKit – National Geographic Gear Of The Year

/RinseKit – National Geographic Gear Of The Year

RinseKit has been chosen by Natioanl Geographic as the best new gear of the year.

You can stay dirty. You can rinse in a lake or creek. You can attempt to get clean with the anemic dribble of a solar shower, which is simply a fancy name for a leaky plastic bag. Or you can come home feeling fresher than when you left with the RinseKit, a portable, simple, easy-to-use outdoor shower. This 8 Litre system is far from the first attempt to bring cleanliness to being outside, but it’s the first to do it well and with a minimum of effort.

To fill the RinseKit, you thread an adapter on an outdoor spigot, snap on the hose, turn on the faucet for 20 seconds, and … you’re done. There’s no need to pump—the process of filling creates all the pressure you need.

And if you’ve used other systems, the first time you use the spray nozzle you’ll expect a less than inspiring flow, but what comes out is a legitimately strong stream of water, with seven types of flow, from jet to shower. There’s enough force to remove mud caked on your shoes, pond filth from your dog’s coat, or sand from your surfboard.

Nice, right? But what if you’re caked with sweat at the end of a great day of autumn riding in Moab and the sun’s going down and the temperature is dropping? RinseKit is insulated, so if you fill it with hot water it will stay warm all day, and soon the company will introduce a car power adapter for heating it on the fly. In these water-challenged days of drought, RinseKit could be all the shower you ever need.

Get your own RinseKit here  –  https://www.vsport.com.au/rinse-kit-2237

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