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Terratrip 101 Plus Rally Computer


Terratrip 101 Plus is the pioneer product in full graphical rally computers.

  • Lightweight, small, robust and intuitive
  • Displays distance to 99.99 (km or miles)
  • Count UP or DOWN, adjust distance manually
  • Dual probe inputs, auto/manual calibration
  • Dimable backlight & contrast adjustment


Unit Dimensions: 112 x 76 x 27mm
Weight: 115g

Terratrip 202 Plus V4 is a precise rally computer, showing total distance, interval distance & speed. Informed by a Terratrip probe*, this computer can also be fitted with a remote zeroing unit if required*.

Installation & Mounting
Installation is simple with the Terratrip V4 Mounting Bracket*, which easily suction cups to the windshield or can be hard mounted if you desire. Simply connect to the car’s 12V power supply & required probe for full functionality out of the box.

For assistance with this product, please use the enquiry tab on this page.

*Mounting Bracket, Probes & Accessories sold separately


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