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Stilo WRC Amplifier


The WRC Intercom is designed for use with the Stilo WRC DES, ST4 Rally, ST4 Wide and Trophy Plus helmets



The WRC Intercom plugs directly into the WRC Practice headset. It is designed to be fitted to the cars rollcage, however it is portable enough to mount where you desire. WRC intercom is powered by a 9V battery (not included) as standard, but there is a 12V car adapter available as an extra to allow permanent feed from the cars power supply. The intercom has individual volume controls for both driver and co-driver, and an automatic on/off power switch that operates when the co-driver has connected/disconnected his helmet plug. The green LED light on the front of the unit illuminates when the intercom in switched on. This intercom comes with an RCA output connection to allow you to connect your own video camera and record conversations between driver and co-driver.

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