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Longacre LTI Hot Lap Timer

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The Longacre HOT LAP lti in-car timer works by sending an invisible Infrared signal from the transmitter across the track. When the receiver inside the car detects this beam, your lap time is recorded and displayed on the in-car display – no need for inaccurate handheld stopwatch timing from pit lane.

  • Store & display laps as they are completed (inc. time difference to latest lap, and best lap time)
  • Accurate to 1/100 of a second
  • Recall laps between sessions – store up to 200 laps
  • LED indicators for quick reference (lap completed / fastest lap)
  • Long-life replaceable batteries (300+ hrs display time)
  • Velcro included for mounting display & receiver
  • Min/Max Lap time 5.00s – 5:00 min
  • Backlit optional – wiring included

In stock


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