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Ferodo FRP219 Brake Pads


Brake Compound:4003:Average coefficient of 0.46 in 200-450°C temperature range / Very short bedding time / Excellent bite / Low drag & excellent release / Offers control to avoid wheel-lock when downforce reduces
Brake Compound:DS3000:High initial bite / Low off-brake drag / Short bedding time / Very high friction coefficient of 0.54
Brake Compound:DS1.11:Friction coefficient of 0.5 / Excellent Pad & Rotor Life / Strong bite / Preditable & Consistent / Low drag & excellent release / Firm & unvarying feel throughout pad life
Brake Compound:DSUNO:The ultimate ‘Good Feel’ pad / Suitable for GT, Touring Car, Single Seat, Rally / Kind on discs with great pad life.

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Brake Compound:4003

4003 is a compound that was specifically developed for lighter cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula VW, Formula Renault, Formula Campus) and occasionally for Rally use.

Brake Compound:DS3000

As the benchmark of high-performance brake pads, the Ferodo DS3000R debuted in 1998 and has since contributed to countless podium results in Touring Car & GT championships worldwide. When installed on lighter racing cars, lower brake pressures are required for required deceleration.

Brake Compound:DS1.11

Based on a chemical family known as the Siloxanes, Ferodo’s DS1.11 pads are a true ceramic material brake pad. Consistent at even the highest working temperatures, the DS1.11 experiences nil fade and has the longest pad life of the entire Ferodo range.

Brake Compound:DSUNO

DS UNO pads are proven in GT, Touring, Formula Ford & Rally competition enviroments for their high friction output, consistent modulation and long disc/pad life. Known as the ultimate ‘good feel’ pad, DS UNO performs consistently lap to lap, and throughout the pad’s life.

Please refer to images to confirm pad shape, or consult the ‘Suitable for’ list on this page. If you’d like help choosing the correct parts for your vehicle, please contact us


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