Cartek Wireless Control System – 6ch w/ Paddleshift

/Cartek Wireless Control System – 6ch w/ Paddleshift

Cartek Wireless Control System – 6ch w/ Paddleshift


The Wireless Steering Wheel Controls System from CARTEK is the quickest and easiest way to install pushbutton controls to a detachable racing steering wheel.

The system has 6 pushbutton switches and 2 Carbon Fibre Paddles which are wirelessly linked to 8 relays within the Relay Control Unit. These relays are microprocessor controlled and individually configurable to provide a choice of functions including momentary, latching and flashing modes for uses such as: PTT radio, pit lane limiter, dash menus, lights, indicators, etc..


  • 6 Pushbutton channels
  • 2 Carbon Fibre Paddles ( For Gearshift)
  • Wireless link between steering wheel and dashboard. 360 Degrees.
  • Compatible with any make and type of quick release hub.
  • 8 Independent relay channels (10A rated contacts).
  • Configurable relay functions including Momentary action, Latching, Latching with power-off memory, Flashing…
  • Fast response time, suitable for electronic gear shifting.


The complete system includes a universal fitting steering wheel panel, incorporating 6 sealed pushbutton switches, 2 Carbon Fibre Paddles, infra red transmitter module, an infra red receiver and a relay control unit.

Long Battery Life

The infrared Transmitter module is mounted to rear of the Steering Wheel Pushbutton Panel and is battery powered. The Transmitter only consumes electrical power when a pushbutton is pressed and therefore does not need to be turned off when not in use.

When a pushbutton is pressed an LED on Transmitter will show the status of the internal battery. If the LED shows Green then the battery is in good condition, if the LED shows Red then the battery needs to be replaced.

Channel Mode Configuration

Each channel can be individually configured to perform any 1 of 5 different functions:

  • Mode 1: Momentary action
  • Mode 2: Latching (without memory)
  • Mode 3: Latching (with memory)
  • Mode 4: Flashing (slow speed, minimum 5 seconds)
  • Mode 5: Flashing (fast speed, minimum 3 flashes)
  • Mode 6: Flashing (slow speed, latching)

It is also possible to alter which pushbutton is allocated to which channel. Full reset function is also available.

Zero Interference

Cartek uses Infrared to communicate between the Steering Wheel and Control System.

By using this technology the wireless communication is completely protected from outside signals such as radio waves and EMF unlike other systems on the market. The system also allows the wireless link to be full 360 degrees.

Kamaz use the Cartek Wireless Steering Wheel Control system on all of their DAKAR winning trucks – proving the reliability and performance of the product.