Cartek Coolant Level Sensor 26/32/38mm

/Cartek Coolant Level Sensor 26/32/38mm

Cartek Coolant Level Sensor 26/32/38mm


  • Coolant Alarm Sensor with 2M connection cable
  • Overall Length: 70mm
  • 26/32/38mm Hose Fitting
  • Voltage: 8v to 27v. Current: 20mA
  • Max temperature: 125C
  • Requires Coolant Level Alarm (Sold Separately)


Consists of an aluminium sensor tube which is simply fitted in-line with the engines radiator hose. The coolant detection electronics are built into this sensor with a 3-pin plug for power input and an alarm signal output. This alarm output can be used to alert the driver in a variety of ways including activating a dashboard LED indicator, 12v buzzer or it can be used to provide the cars ECU or driver display with a fault detection input signal.

The sensor also incorporates Red and Green LEDs which offers mechanics a continuous indication of the coolant status. This is especially useful for diagnosing an overheating problem or checking the coolant has been filled correctly after an engine change.

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