BMW X5 M F85 Front & Rear – Brembo GT Brake Kit

/BMW X5 M F85 Front & Rear – Brembo GT Brake Kit

BMW X5 M F85 Front & Rear – Brembo GT Brake Kit

Front & Rear Brembo GT Brake System for BMW X5 M-series

  • 6-Piston Brembo GT Front Brake Calipers
  • 405 x 34mm 2-piece Slotted Front Brake Discs
  • 4-Piston Brembo GT Rear Brake Calipers
  • 380x28mm 2-piece Slotted Rear Brake Discs
  • Brembo High-Performance Brake Pads + Fluid
  • Complete axle kit with all required hardware
  • Various colours & disc designs available
  • Ask about fitment at V-Sport

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As featured in our Customer Cars Article: BMW X5 M // Brembo GT Brake Upgrade

About Brembo High-Performance Brake Systems

Brembo designs, tests and manufactures their high-performance GT and GT-R Brake Systems to provide the highest levels of quality, style, and performance to our customers. Brembo high-performance brake kits are comprised of either 1 or 2-piece vented discs 294-420mm in diameter, with a slotted or cross-drilled disc surface. In the 2-piece system, billet aluminium hats form part of the disc assembly and are precision engineered to maximise performance and cooling characteristics, while looking the part with their powdercoated finish. Depending on your vehicle and application, Brembo GT and GT-R brake kits are designed for road use and come with brake calipers in 4-, 6-, or 8-piston configurations with colour options Black, Red, Silver or Yellow.

Please see the short description above for specifics on this Brembo High-Performance brake kit, or use our Brake Kit Enquiry page for personalised options. Use the form below to enquire about the kit on this page.

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This product fits:

  • BMW X5 M F85 All
  • Brake Kits
  • BMW X5 M F85
  • BMW X5 M F85 Front
  • BMW X5 M F85 Rear
  • BMW X5 M


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