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Race Brake Calipers are sometimes subjected to very high and unpredictable operating temperatures.  Therefore, they must be examined and seals must be replaced on a regular basis to maintain efficiency and safety.  Seal life is governed by time at temperature which should, therefore, be kept as low as possible by the provision of cool airflow.

AP Racing, for guidance only, offers the following recommendations (temperatures measured on outside of Caliper adjacent to logo):

  • Calipers that regularly run at up to 200°C – Re-seal every other event.
  • Calipers that run intermittently from 200°C to 220°C and above – Re-seal as soon as possible.
  • Reduce “soak” temperatures after the car has come to rest where possible (e.g. do not leave foot on the brake pedal when stationary with hot brakes) as this can cause excessive caliper temperatures.

Sold individually.

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2" / 50.8mm, 1.87" / 47.6mm, 1.75" / 44.5mm, 1.62" / 41.3mm, 1.50" / 38.1mm, 36mm, 1.37" / 34.9mm, 34mm, 1.25" / 31.8mm, 1.12" / 28.6mm, 1.06" / 27mm, 26mm, 1.00" / 25.4mm


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