AeroCatch 2 – ABOVE PANEL

/AeroCatch 2 – ABOVE PANEL

AeroCatch 2 – ABOVE PANEL

$127.00 $76.00

  • Flush-fitting, secure panel fastener
  • Stainless hardware, suitable for all environments including offshore
  • Lightweight, high strength construction
  • Available in Black or White (can also be painted)
  • 4x stronger than counterfeits – 630kg+ force vs. ~150-170kg
  • Cutting/Fitment required – instructions & diagrams included
  • Ask us about Installation in Sydney


AeroCatch 2 was developed initially for off-shore powerboat racing to secure engine covers and hatches, although they have been used on camper vans and for securing cabinets and cases.

Flush fitting eliminates any potential trip hazards on deck and provides panel security.

The modern styling of AeroCatch 2 allows it to blend in with marine decor.

Each kit is issued with stainless steel components eliminating any risk of rust or corrosion.

The high strength plastic body prevents any damage from sunlight, making the AeroCatch 2 ideal, UV stable, marine hardware.

Kit comes with all the hardware needed to install & use:

  • 2 x AeroCatch 2 Flush
  • 2 x Extension Shoe
  • 4 x Spacers
  • 1 x Aerocatch Fastner Kit
  • 1 x Cardboard Template for installation