• Ferodo FCP1562 Brake Pads

    Brake Compound:DS2500:Firm feel / Long life / Low noise & dust / Low disc wear / Friction coefficient of 0.42 Brake Compound:DS3000:High initial bite / Low off-brake drag / Short bedding time / Very high friction coefficient of 0.54 Brake Compound:DS1.11:Friction coefficient of 0.5 / Excellent Pad & Rotor Life / Strong bite / Preditable & Consistent / Low drag & excellent release / Firm & unvarying feel throughout pad life Brake Compound:DSUNO:The ultimate ‘Good Feel’ pad / Suitable for GT, Touring Car, Single Seat, Rally / Kind on discs with great pad life.
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    Hawk HB180 Brake Pads

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  • Hawk HB194 Brake Pads

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