Office Gossip: Who Will Win The V-Sport Open Class?

/Office Gossip: Who Will Win The V-Sport Open Class?

There’s a strong field of contenders lining up for the V-Sport Open Class at WTAC next week. It’s pretty much the only topic of conversation going around the office at the moment, so we’ve thrown it out to our ‘in-house’ experts for an inside scoop on who they predict will win.

Kicking it off we have Chris Paradowski from our motorsport sales team. Chris has been keeping a close eye on one particular car in the lead up to this event.. 

Chris, who are you putting your money on?

My bet is on an Evo taking out the title. I think the Hairy Lemon Evo is in with a pretty good shot. I’ve been following this Evo 6 build for the last year or so. There has been a constant stream of updates on everything, from the engine to the suspension set up. The only thing I’ve seen more updates on is the amount of track time this car sees… If that’s anything to go by, it means that car is running reliably and Rob’s had plenty of seat time, a combination I think is crucial for success.
Why should we take your opinion over our other V-Sport experts?

Call it rookie luck…

Why is the World Time Attack Challenge special to you?

Any sport has its focus on the one perfect element, regardless if it’s wave, trail or low pressure system. Making the podium at WTAC is so much bigger because you need to line up all these countless elements, that’s even before you consider trying to nail that perfect lap.

We’ll be bringing you more ‘inside goss’ as we count down the days to the World Time Attack Challenge. Be sure to head over to our Facebook page for up-to-the-minute content and exclusive World Time Attack competitions!



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