NEW 16-ch Power Distribution Panel by Cartek Motorsport

/NEW 16-ch Power Distribution Panel by Cartek Motorsport

A consistent theme amongst high end racing car builds is a strong sense of attention to detail and commitment to tidy aesthetics. With various wiring, hoses and lines acting as conduit for the car’s vitals, it can be a real challenge keeping things tidy within the cockpit, and future-proofing for fault detection and development. Cartek have been pioneers of autosport electronics, and have previously developed smaller modules like this one to consolidate vehicle circuits, providing simplicity and reliability to project builders, privateers and race teams alike.

Weighing in at 625g, the new 16-channel solid-state backlit Power Distribution Panel (PDP) from Cartek replaces 16 individual fuses, relays and switches for the same number of functions, eliminating time consuming mounting, wiring and programming from your electrical installation. The unit is user-programmable without a laptop, thanks to clear instructional videos by Cartek and straightforward operation. The 140x195mm panel is enabled with short circuit and over-current protection, and powered by a M6 stud input. 16 ECU inputs allow your ECU to turn on functions such as fuel pumps when configured, addressing vital start-up procedures and further simplifying the driver experience with typical setup. A display with high/low/off backlighting, your choice of colour of Black/White labels, and LED channel activity indicators gives at-a-glance confirmation of your active electrical functions.

Each channel is configurable from 5-15A (up to 30A with 2 channels combined) to suit your functions, and can be set to behave in a number of ways:

  • Momentary Action – On while held down (Starter motor, washer pump, etc)
  • Latching w/ Memory — toggle on/off, retains status on PDP reboot
  • Latching (no memory) – toggle on/off, no status memory
  • Latching w/ Time Delay – toggle on for set time (30s/5min/10min) – Suitable for Heated Screen, etc
  • Flashing – Indicators etc
  • Toggling – Low/High Beam Headlights
  • 0V Momentary Action – use as ordinary switch for ECU map etc

Wiring & Connections — Cartek offer a choice of connection packages, each sold separately.
Option 1: Two connectors and 39 crimped wires (30-50cm wire length)
Option 2: Two connectors and 50 loose crimps (wiring & crimp tool required)

Expanding Functionality of the Cartek 16-ch PDP is simple when combined with our Cartek Battery Isolator and/or 4-ch Wireless Control System. The Power Distribution Panel has two dedicated pins that can take in the Kill Signal from a CARTEK Battery Isolator XR. This will then shut down the Power Distribution Panel which will stop the engine from running if the ECU is powered by the Power Distribution Panel. The Power Distribution Panel also has 16 switch inputs and 4 dedicated inputs, meaning you can use our Wireless Control System to activate and control channels from the steering wheel control system.

We are currently taking expressions of interest for the NEW Cartek 16-ch PDP. Please contact us to register your interest.

This Cartek PDP Tutorial video provides an in-depth look at how the PDP is configured and used:

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