Jason Bae Christens His V-Sport Built Drift Ute

/Jason Bae Christens His V-Sport Built Drift Ute

We love feedback from our V-Sport customers, and even more so, seeing them have fun in their cars. This however looks like ridiculous fun, so much so we had to catch up with Jason Bae  to find out how he’s getting on with his new beast…

Jason Bae brought his VE ute to V-Sport as a road going car that longed for more. Left in the hands of V-Sport’s workshop, a short while later Jason was delivered a new and improved track-focused drift ute. Last weekend, Jason christened his drift machine at the Tuerck’d Matsuri in Raleigh, part of the Drift Challenge Australia calendar.


How did your car perform on the weekend?

The car performed perfect and after 2 days of abuse, did not have one single problem. There is nothing better than the 6 hour drive back to Sydney with the tow car loaded with murdered tyres and a big smile on your face!

What did you enjoy the most about the weekend?

Hard one to answer because the whole weekend was just amazing. Blazing it sideways in 3rd and 4th gear up the back straight going 120km/h+ satisfied my inner adrenalin junkie. It was just matsuri style fun, where drivers can get bucket loads of seat time, rub doors and destroy tyres! Hanging out with Ryan Tuerck (Formula Drift USA driver) was also awesome.

How did it compare to the way it drove before you brought it to V-Sport?

I remember when this was a street car and it was still quite the animal. Now it is an absolute monster and is at a point where it is a highly capable and very competitive drift car, thanks to the team at V-Sport.  V-Sport have pretty much performed all the work on my drift ute including the stunning 6-point roll cage. The car now runs a stroked & forged L98 (6.7L V8) producing 600hp at the wheels on 98 which is more than enough to create clouds of smoke. Suspension is also spot on – you’d be surprised how well it handles when it appears to be such a big and heavy car!

What do you think of V-Sport’s work on the car?

Todd and I sat down and carefully planned everything together. He gave me the best advice with different options and suggestions. Todd has been absolutely brilliant and together with Mick, they have made my car the mental beast it is today which just shows the quality of workmanship and attention to detail of V-Sport.

I’m quite fussy when it comes to cars, I like to have everything perfect to the way I want it. V-Sport never fail to surprise me with the outstanding level of quality in their work. Really, it is hard to find the right words to describe V-Sport. ‘The best in the business’ would be an understatement!

What are your plans from here on?

Over the New Year, we will be adding more steering lock thanks to SuperPro Suspension. Then there are little things like new wheels, a tougher clutch to handle the heavy abuse and so on. Brand new livery to freshen up the look of the car would then complete it. A sequential gearbox is also on my wish list for when I win the lottery.

For 2015, I will be competing in various drift & motorsport events around Australia with my main focus being just getting plenty of seat time, improving my driving and killing as many innocent tyres as I can get my hands on. We are also in the process of building a completely new and different race car which I will be competing in, in the 2015 Pulsar Challenge series – which will also be great fun!

*I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful V-Sport team (especially Todd, Mick, Bob &  John), SuperPro Suspension, Martini Racing Products, my good friend Scott Porter & my awesome team for everything, including the continuous support as I chase my dream.*

Shout out to Jasmynne and Ashley at Still Motion Media  for helping us out with their awesome photos. You can see their whole gallery from the Tureck’d Drift Matsuri on their Facebook page here.

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