Fastest Lap Time In Hot Tuner 2015 – ROH 86

/Fastest Lap Time In Hot Tuner 2015 – ROH 86

V-Sport’s ROH 86 produced the fastest time in this years Hot Tuner Challenge. Beating an M4, WRX, XR8 among many others. Hot Tuner Veteran John Healey explains how they turned a standard 147kw Toyota 86 into a street legal track weapon.

What modifications were done to this Toyota 86?

We started with a complete stroker engine build, customised fueling system and a custom single turbo setup. We also upgraded the suspension system, fitted race seats, harness and installed a half cage.


We put significant time into a custom brake upgrade kit to include; Hawk DTC60 Brake Pads, DBA 5000 Series Rotors and AP Racing PRF660 Brake Fluid


The Hawk DTC60 Brake Pad has superior release and torque control characteristics, it works well across a wide range of temperatures, and as soon as any temperature is created the bite increases significantly.  


The DBA5000s minimises brake fade, increases the consistency and effectiveness of braking over the stock rotors. They also prolongs the service life for brake pads. 

Any changes of plans along the way?

The ROH 86 had a twincharger setup before we started working on it. Our team determined that while this setup might be good for everyday driving (think VW Golf 1.4 TSi), the single turbo we fitted produced more power with less boost and less strain on the engine.



The ROH86 car had the fastest lap time in Hot Tuner Challenge 2015. Would you say that you have achieved your goal with this car?

We set out to create a fast, reliable, all round performance street/track car, and the results from the Hot Tuner Challenge shows that V-Sport is able to build a road legal street car that is extremely capable on the track.


What other projects is V-Sport involved in at the moment?

We are currently building our own Toyota 86 to compete in the World Time Attack Challenge in Oct 2015. This is a very exciting project for us as we were able to build the car the way we want to build it, with limited restrictions, this will be one wild 86. Our goal is to make it the Fastest 86 in Australia. 

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