Coolant Level Sensor/Alarm From Cartek

/Coolant Level Sensor/Alarm From Cartek

Radiator damage can happen on the racetrack and even more so on a rally course. stones and contact with other objects could lead to a puncture to the cooling system, and lead to a drop in the coolant level. The standard coolant temperature sensor often does not give enough warning until it’s too late.

Cartek’s Coolant Level Sensor offer drivers an early warning system should their engine cooling system develop a leak, whether from a punctured radiator, loose hose or gasket failure before overheating and engine damage occurs.

The Coolant Alarm from Cartek consists of an aluminium sensor tube in three different sizes to be fitted in-line with the engine’s radiator hose.

The coolant detection electronics are built into this sensor with a 3-pin plug for power input and an alarm signal output, This alarm output can be used to alert the driver in a variety of ways including activating a dashboard LED indicator, audible buzzer or it can be used to provide the car’s ECU or driver display with a fault detection input signal. The sensor also incorporates Red and Green LEDs which offers mechanics a continuous indication of the coolant status.

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Here is how it works. (Play Video Above)

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