Chris Tests HAWK Pads

/Chris Tests HAWK Pads
V-Sport’s Chris Paradowski took to the last round of the NSSCC Rally Sprint with a set of Hawk Performance DTC60 brake pads fitted to his Mitsubishi EVO VIII MR. We check in for his feedback…

What made you change your pads, and why did you choose HAWK?


I’d been toying with the idea of running 2 sets of pads, one for street and one for track. John tipped me over the edge by offering to help swap between Hawk DTC60 and Ferodo DS2500’s between rally sprint stages so I could get some back to back comparisons, no chance I’d pass up that offer!


What was your initial reaction to the brake pads?


I had always believed that brake pads with a huge heat capacity had zero bite when cold, and I’m happy to say I was wrong, very wrong. The DTC60’s had more bite than the DS2500 when driving to work in the morning, so full points to the DTC60’s in that department. As soon as any temp was created (still driving on the street) the bite increased significantly, several decelerations were confidence inspiring as the bite was consistent and allowed me to avoid my ABS kicking in.  

Did the brake pads suit the race track?

The Twilight Rally Sprint is a good example of an event where brake pads need to have bite from the word go. Turn one was no exception, being a hairpin almost, so the bite of the DTC60’s gave me confidence heading in to the first time.  

I ended up leaving them in the car for several days after the event to get a better idea of their ability on the street, and I’m convinced these are quieter than my DS2500’s. The only thing that could take away is they do have a little more dust which really, is a fair trade off for their higher temp capacity.

Photo credit: Dave Oliver

How do they differ to the DTC70s we spoke with Steve Ka about last month?

The DTC70’s evolved from the DTC60’s. They have very similar characteristics but offer even more bite. You’ll often find people who use the DTC70’s will use DTC60’s in the rear to compliment them.

Who would you recommend these for?


These are perfect for anyone looking for a track pad specific pad. They are gentle enough to get you to and from the track and offer mountains of bite. I have to say I’m really impressed. I need a pad I can fit to the car the day (or several) before and event, drive to the event, beat on them all day, then drive home and still be able to do the groceries. The DTC60 appear to be able to do all that and more so I can say I’ve found my new track pads.
The DTC60’s were a suggestion from John. I accepted albeit apprehensively due to my assumptions about these pads and their operating temps. I think the sheer improvement in bite without being overkill is a huge advantage, it meant I was using way less left pedal force, so my driving felt as if it was a little smoother. Their cold bite is definitely something that shines in a Rally Sprint as you can’t wait for your brakes to reach operating temp, they need to be well and truly on by turn one.

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