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Brembo High Performance Brake Systems

Brembo is the World’s leading manufacturer of braking systems

Brembo braking systems have been fitted to the most prestigious of vehicles including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi and BMW to name a few. These products are now available for most vehicles as an aftermarket brake package. As the retail arm of Barrie Smith Motorsport; the official supplier of Brembo Racing in Australia, V-Sport caters to all levels of motorsport and high-performance street automotive with Brembo High-Performance Brake Systems and Racing Components.

From Experience to Engineering
The benefits of Brembo Racing technology are carried far beyond the Armco of the World’s racetracks – using what is learned in the heat of competition, and applying this knowledge to high-performance street applications has driven Brembo’s Engineers to develop the finest replacement brake systems on the market today.

About Brembo High-Performance Brake Systems
Brembo designs, tests and manufactures their high-performance GT and  GT-R Brake Systems to provide the highest levels of quality, style, and performance to our customers. Brembo high-performance brake kits are comprised of either 1 or 2-piece vented discs 294-420mm in diameter, with a slotted or cross-drilled disc surface. In the 2-piece system, billet aluminium hats form part of the disc assembly and are precision engineered to maximise performance and cooling characteristics, while looking the part with their powdercoated finish. Depending on your vehicle and application, Brembo GT and GT-R brake kits are designed for road use, and come with calipers in 4-, 6-, or 8-piston configurations with colour options Black, Red, Silver or Yellow.

Brembo’s GT-R Brake Systems further improve the braking performance of your vehicle with billet-monoblock calipers, larger, slotted discs and high-performance pads. The new B-M8 and B-M4 Calipers shown below will also be seen as part of Brembo GT and GT-R kits for new vehicle applications.


Some of our Brembo GT Brake Kits


Introducing the New B-M8 & B-M4 Caliper Family

 Now Available in selected Brembo High-Performance Brake Kits

The B-M8 is manufactured using an innovative 4D technology casting process; the first time this process has been used for automotive calipers. This casting process uses a technology that enables Brembo to engineer a design completely different from what is usually seen in the caliper market. With this technology, the casted caliper has technical features commonly used in racing billet or forged calipers. The B-M8 is cast with an internal fluid line versus the more conventional rigid pipe connections. The one non-visible bleeding screw allows for more safety and freedom in the design since it is better integrated into the overall design. The B-M8 is the most efficient body architecture and style and designed without constraints on the outboard caliper manufactured by traditional molds. 

The B-M8 is available in four colors – red, yellow, black and new to the market white, along with a few special order colours such as green, blue, and orange. The companion caliper, the B-M4, for rotors up to 380mm x 30 mm, is suitable for the rear braking systems of larger vehicles as well as front applications for smaller cars – as the name suggests, B-M4 is a 4-piston caliper. Contact us for pricing and availability!

Brembo Racing Brake Components


V-Sport offers a comprehensive range of Brembo products dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best in the most extreme conditions, focused on consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures. All Brembo products for racing applications are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious teams, and of a manufacturing process conducted entirely in-house, from design and machining to bench and track testing.



Brembo Racing Brake Calipers
In 1975, Enzo Ferrari chose to have Brembo brakes fitted to his single-seater race cars. Since then, Brembo has been developing and fine-tuning brake systems at the pinnacle of braking performance – leading to constant innovation of their range of racing brake calipers.

Personalising the design and adapting to your specific needs, Brembo racing caliper are available in a forged or billet construction, with 2, 4 or 6 pistons and fixed or mobile bridge. As the World’s leader of racing brake systems, Brembo Racing have an extensive range of calipers to suit your application and vehicle.


Brembo Racing Brake Discs
From their rich and successful history in professional motorsport, Brembo has developed their class-leading manufacture process of extremely high precision machining and incredibly rigorous quality control. From this, Brembo offers an extraordinarily wide range of brake discs with varying ventilation, slotting and fastening configurations to assist with choosing the perfect disc for your vehicle and application.

Brembo Racing Brake Pads & High-Performance Fluid
In the motoring World, Brembo is known for excellent discs and calipers. For several years now Brembo has also been manufacturing brake pads capable of guaranteeing extremely high performance. They are organic pads, also ceramic-based, available in 4 different compounds – RB 170, RB 340, RB 350 and RB 330 – with superior characteristics that are capable of meeting the needs of any competition driver or rider, from sprint races to endurance challenges.

Brembo has a range of performance brake fluid to suit all applications:
Brembo Sport.Evo 500++ – Shop Now
Clutch & Brake use in all street cars & motorcycles – 271°C Dry Boiling Point
Brembo LCF 600+ – Shop Now
High-Performance Street, Track & Racing DOT4 Brake Fluid – 316°C Dry Boiling Point
Brembo HTC 64T – Shop Now
Brembo’s Highest Performing Track/Racing Brake Fluid – 335°C Dry Boiling Point
Shop Brembo Brake Fluid by Bottle or 20/Case in the V-Sport online store >>

Brembo Racing Brake Pedals & Master Cylinders
Brembo’s racing foot pedal unit is a brand new product, machined from billet aluminium to suit all race & competition applications that demand the highest braking performance. Second to none, Brembo’s foot pedal unit is highly customisable in the adjustment of the pedals and plates to suit any driver’s personal preference.

The foot pedal unit integrates directly with Brembo’s renowned range of serviceable push-type master cylinders. All Brembo brake master cylinders are made with cutting-edge procedures and extremely high-precision internal machining that guarantee class-leading performance and long service life. They are also available in various diameters and forged or billet versions.

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The Assurance of a Genuine Brembo Brake Kit
Extending the Brembo experience to their customer service, Brembo and its suppliers are committed to protecting their customers from purchasing counterfeit products.

To guarantee the security of purchasing an original product and not a counterfeit, Brembo places their unique ‘Original Car’ inside sealed product packaging of their Brake Kits, which you can verify your products’ authenticity with at The card, which contains a secret 6-digit code, allows you to check with absolute certainty the authenticity of the Brembo GT or GT-R brake kit purchased from V-Sport.