V-Sport Tech Day – Developing the 86 / BRZ Platform

/V-Sport Tech Day – Developing the 86 / BRZ Platform

V-Sport’s partnership with the NSW 86 & BRZ Car Club began in 2016, a natural progression from our involvement in developing parts for the Toyota 86 Racing Series, and ongoing World Time Attack Project, Timmy the 86. Being such a popular platform for race car and street car development, the purpose of our first tech day was to open discussion with members about what V-Sport has to offer as a performance workshop, and offer insight to our knowledge as specialists of the braking and motorsport industry.

Designed as a half-day session, the Tech Day covered many aspects of 86 / BRZ ownership with emphasis on preparing the car for track days, including options for brake upgrades such as aftermarket pads, discs, and full brake kits. We covered the basics of improving a vehicles’ handling with wheel alignment, Whiteline components and suspension. We were also glad to welcome Josh of MCA Suspension to present their range  of coilovers and explore the benefits of choosing MCA over other options in a similar price range.

V-Sport’s Brake Kit Specialist and all-round knowledgable guy, Chris gives members a tour of some of the upgrades on his own Toyota 86, which is fitted with MCA Red Suspension and one of our AP Racing Brake Kits.

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Timmy the 86, V-Sport’s flagship project and World Time Attack machine sat out in 2016 as a display, having realised the limits of our FA20 engine setup. After much consideration, research and discussion among V-Sport’s network of experts, it was decided that we would return to naturally-aspirated life, and step up the power game with a worked Nissan VK56 motor, bringing a staggering increase of 300HP at the flywheel than the FA20 predecessor. This puts us at roughly 800HP at 9000RPM. While the modifications continue to fit the *slightly* larger block in Timmy’s engine bay, we took this opportunity to reveal our plans to members of the club as they had a closer look at the car.

And here it is! The new heart for our Toyota 86 ‘Timmy’, the 800HP Nissan VK56 engine is in place. Stay tuned for more info over the coming weeks! #Timmy86 #VK56 #WTAC

World Time Attack Challenge

Posted by V-Sport on Monday, May 1, 2017

One of the AP Racing track kits developed for the 86 / BRZ by V-Sport

Plenty of familiar cars and faces in the lineup for the event, this 86 has been in the workshop a few times for many of the aspects discussed during the tech day.

V-Sport would like to thank all the members who came along, for their time, attention and engagement with our very first Tech Day. If this is something you’d be interested in, sign up to the V-Sport newsletter for info on upcoming tech days for clubs and members of the public.

Image Credits:
Nate S. // Jap-Projects.com (Instagram | Facebook)
Jaime Black // V-Sport

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