Molecule Racewear Wash Kit 4oz/16oz

/Molecule Racewear Wash Kit 4oz/16oz

Molecule Racewear Wash Kit 4oz/16oz


Struggling to get your suit to come clean again?

The MOLECULE WASH KIT includes the two cleaning components of the Molecule Fabric Care System; Wash and Spot Clean, allowing you to boost the brightness of your suit overall, and attack any tough stains directly.

Kit includes:
1 x Molecule Wash
1 xMolecule Spot Cleaner

Available in 4oz or 16oz kits. 4oz is enough for one load of heavily soiled gear.
Molecule Wash and Spot Cleaner formulas may be used repeatedly to achieve brighter results without risk of damaging materials.



Molecule WASH – Effectively cleans technical fabrics in standard and high-efficiency washing machines.

Molecule SPOT CLEANER – Penetrates deeply into fabric to dissolve and suspend tough spots & stains.

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