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  • Flymount is the original and the best action camera roll-bar mount. Especially useful for locations where the roll-bar is close to body panels, where a traditional roll-bar mount would not clear around the rollcage. The included GoPro direct mount can also be changed for a 1/4 universal tripod mount (sold seperately) to mount any compact or non-GoPro compatible camera system. The glass reinforced Nylon-66 ensures that the body of these mounts is strong and stiff, and has incredible resistance to extremes of temperature and high ultra violet. This material is used by the automotive industry as a replacement for metal when weight needs to be kept to a minimum. The metal parts are a combination of 316 marine grade stainless steel, and CZ112 naval grade brass. This enables the Flymount Original to be used extensively in saltwater without corroding or seizing. These are the original – and best – mounts that you can buy for your action camera. Beware of imitations!
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  • Heavy Duty Cleaner in one spray designed to keep all parts of vehicle and equipment clean. Safe to use on all finishes, paint, powder coat, and plastics, including flat and matte.
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  • Light duty cleaner & polish in one spray designed to keep surfaces looking clean, shining and protected. Safe to use on all finishes, paint, powder coat, plastics, vinyl, including flat and matte.
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    • Fully portable, pressurised water tank
    • 8L capacity, fills in 20 seconds with garden hose
    • Adjustable nozzle for high or low flow/pressure
    • Removable plastic lid gets gear/feet off the ground
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  • Fill and pressurize your RinseKit anywhere! If you’re the type of person who enjoys long camping trips, but also likes a little piece of home out in the wild, then the RinseKit Field Fill Kit is the ideal accessory for you. With our Field Fill Kit, you can put pressure into your RinseKit chamber with a standard bike pump when there is no access to a faucet or hose spigot. Comes complete with our custom Filling Bag (which can also be used as a dry bag) and the Pressure Adapter. (Bike pump not included)
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  • Simply screw this adapter to your sink faucet and quickly fill your RinseKit with hot, cold, or warm water.
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  • This item replaces the adaptor that came with your RinseKit – and in a set of two for an extra spare!
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  • Keep your documents and valuables organised and secure with Sabelt's new Co-Driver bag.
    • Ultra-thin, Durable Design
    • H270 xL360 x D70mm
    • Velcro Back Panel for In-car Fixation
    • External Mobile Phone Pocket
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  • Sale!
    Celebrate Formula 1 and Valtteri Bottas's incredible career with this special scale replica helmet from Stilo. Modelled from Bottas' Stilo ST5 design this piece is a true Stilo collectible, with the same attention to detail that you would expect from their wearable models.
    • Functional Visor & Clasp
    • Scale HANS posts
    • F1 visor guard & aerodynamics pre-installed
    • Fully clothed interior & working chin strap
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  • Save yourself trouble at scrutineering and carry an extra sticker sheet. Includes essentials:
    • Tow Point
    • Extinguisher
    • Battery
    • Battery Isolator
    • Australian Flag
    item is one single sided sticker sheet as pictured.
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    • CAMS Approved
    • Convenient carry handle & tuckaway waist belt
    See product description below for detailed list of contents
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  • 12 convenient Race Fuel servings to throw in the gear bag or gym bag. Just add water, shake, and fuel up. Race fuel is designed to be used anytime, both at a circuit and at the gym. Every driver wants to be that little bit fitter and faster, and now P1 Nutrition have come up with the answer. Available in 3 delicious flavours; Goumet Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla Icecream.
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  • Available in 3 delicious flavours; Goumet Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake and Vanilla Icecream. By working with the best nutritionists in the industry, P1 Nutrition has formulated Race Fuel. The needs of a racing driver are different to those of an average athlete — sustained strain on your upper body, core temperatures in excessive of 95 degrees celsius, heart rate reaching 185 BPM and an oxygen consumption of up to 3 litres per minute – all pushing race drivers to their limits during a race. Each 2.27kg tub of RaceFuel equates to 67 servings.
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  • Perfect to use with P1 RaceFuel & Pre-RaceFuel
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  • Scientifically proven to enhance performance by boosting energy, focus & stamina. Pre-RaceFuel is designed to be used when the body requires a boost of energy and concentration before driving or training. The comprehensive formula helps you find an edge when every tenth counts, simply mix up your Pre-RaceFuel 15 minutes before training or driving. For a perfect mix every time, check out the P1 Shaker.
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    • Carry on size with wheels
    • Retractable Handle
    • Expandable compartment
    • Durable Design
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    • Padded compartment for a laptop
    • Multiple pockets
    • Body contact soft and breathable
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    • 3 Separate compartments for race suit, shoes and helmet
    • Helmet compartment protected by 10mm foam padding
    • Retractable trolley handle
    • Durable design
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  • Designed to keep your Stilo helmet, HANS device and visors safe and protected during transit and storage.
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